Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity Solutions

The manufacturing industry is heavily targeted by cyber threats, with motivations spanning financial gain and espionage. With complex OT/ICS environments to protect, building adequate cybersecurity programs can be a significant challenge.

Integrating Physical, IT and OT Security

Cyber attacks can have huge ramifications for manufacturers, causing significant financial and reputational damage. To stay ahead of these threats, manufacturers are often forced to invest in expensive security facilities without any guarantee of success. Kudelski Security delivers world-class cybersecurity solutions for manufacturing businesses, partnering with leading providers of manufacturing systems to offer powerful, cost-effective cybersecurity programs that ensure visibility and control across complex network architectures.

The Kudelski Security Advantage

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    Trusted Enterprise Partner

    Kudelski Security is relied on by the world’s largest manufacturers to protect their assets, technology, and intellectual property.

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    Leading Security Experts

    Our security engineers, developers, and leaders include the world’s foremost experts on everything from cryptography to secure OT/ICS development.

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    Always-On Security

    Our cutting-edge Cyber Fusion Center provides 24/7 protection against the most advanced cyber threats.

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    R&D Driven

    The Kudelski Group invests $200 million annually in research and development to ensure every server, endpoint, and device is fully protected.

Guarantee Visibility and Security

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    Build a Powerful Cyber Program

    Design and build cyber programs that minimize risk and win the confidence of customers and shareholders.

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    Avoid Disruption and Outages

    Protection across OT/ICS environments ensures maximum uptime of manufacturing systems and processes.

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    Reduce Attack Surface

    Eliminate complexity, patch vulnerabilities, and secure network entry points to minimize cyber risk.

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    Secure the Insider Threat

    Bring staff up to speed on the latest cyber threats with comprehensive, research-driven security awareness training.

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    Guarantee Visibility

    Quickly identify threats and anomalies with real-time monitoring across the entire network, including OT/ICS environments.

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    Safeguard IP

    Protect intellectual property with the latest security controls, policies, and solutions.

Kudelski Security Recognized as a Notable Vendor by Gartner in Latest MSS Magic Quadrant

IT & Security leaders are looking for trusted security partners who can help them increase visibility of assets, reduce complexity, and address critical talent shortage.

Our services cover all cloud environments, so that wherever you are on your cloud journey, we’ve got you covered.

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