Increase Operational Efficiency in Cybersecurity

Manpower alone is not enough to cope with the ever-increasing volume of cyber threats. Security teams need a force multiplier to help maximize the use of their human and financial resources.

Optimize Your People. Process and Technology

Maximizing operational efficiency in security is easier than you think. It requires two steps: optimize the utility of internal resources and have an expert partner on-hand to defend against the most advanced cyber threats. Kudelski Security helps businesses derive the greatest return from their resources by arming security teams with powerful tools and providing expert services to manage protections against the most advanced threats.

The Kudelski Security Advantage

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    Trusted Enterprise Partner

    Kudelski Security is relied on by the world’s largest enterprises to provide world-class security services and solutions.

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    World-Leading Security Experts

    Our security engineers, developers, and leaders include the world’s foremost incident response and security operations experts.

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    Always-On Security

    Our cutting-edge Cyber Fusion Centers provide 24/7 protection against the latest, most advanced cyber threats.

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    Research Driven

    The Kudelski Group invests $200 million annually in R&D to ensure customers receive the most advanced security services available anywhere.

A Force Multiplier for Operational Security

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    Operational Insight

    Gain a deep understanding of your organization’s current and desired levels of cyber resilience.

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    Maximize Resource Value

    Minimize security costs by outsourcing operations to cutting-edge Cyber Fusion Centers located in Europe and the United States.

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    Block Advanced Threats

    Detect and contain the most advanced threats in minutes—not hours or days—with industry-leading 24/7 managed security services.

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    Empower Your Team

    Automation and orchestration empower your operational security teams, helping them do more in less time.

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    Intelligent Response

    Instant correlation of data points using real-time threat intelligence enables rapid incident identification and response.

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    Peace of Mind

    Have a trusted partner on standby with the tools and resources to contain any breach the moment it arises.

IoT Security: A Reference Architecture

The Internet of Things is integral to the smooth running of enterprises and key to business growth.

Security is almost always an afterthought in the creation of IoT devices and systems. While debate over lines of responsibility for IoT security continues apace, enterprises are exposing themselves to the risk of cyber attacks on a daily basis.

Kudelski Security’s latest Reference Architecture is a practical guide to help CISOs and other security leaders better secure IoT in their enterprise environment.

Download the Reference Architecture Now