Secure OT-ICS Networks

Increased connectivity of Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems (OT-ICS) has led to a dramatic rise in cyber attacks. If not handled correctly, these attacks can have dire real-world consequences.

Expertise in Non-Traditional Networks

Protecting smart OT-ICS environments requires total visibility across the technology landscape. Kudelski Security has developed a suite of custom technologies and managed security services to help businesses protect their critical technology assets. With always-on threat monitoring and world-class incident response, businesses can adopt the latest OT-ICS technologies without fear of costly outages.

The Kudelski Security Advantage

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    Trusted Security Partner

    Kudelski Security is relied on by the world’s largest manufacturers to provide industry-leading security services and solutions.

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    Security Pioneers

    Our security engineers, developers, and leaders include the world’s foremost OT-ICS security experts.

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    Always-On Security

    Our cutting-edge Cyber Fusion Center provides 24/7/365 protection against the latest, most advanced cyber threats.

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    Research Driven

    The Kudelski Group invests $200 million annually in R&D to ensure customers receive the most advanced security services available anywhere.

Always-On Protection for Operational and Industrial Technology

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    Guarantee Visibility

    Quickly identify threats and anomalies with real-time monitoring across your OT/ICS environments.

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    Peace of Mind

    Safely harness the operational benefits of OT-ICS technologies with backing from the world’s leading security experts.

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    Block Advanced Threats

    Detect and contain the most advanced threats in minutes—not hours or days—with industry-leading 24/7/365 managed security services.

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    Avoid Costly Outages

    Maximize technology uptime with a trusted security partner on standby to contain cyber threats the moment they arise.

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    Identify Weak Points

    Uncover security weaknesses in your OT-ICS environments before they are exploited by threat actors.

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    Reduce Attack Surface

    Eliminate complexity, patch vulnerabilities, and secure network entry points to minimize cyber risk.

Critical infrastructure is vital to the functioning of modern societies and economies.

But what happens when infrastructures fall victim to natural disasters, physical incidents, or cyber attacks?

Kudelski Security’s whitepaper, Operational Technology: The Next Cyber Battlefront, provides useful information to help you develop effective strategies to prevent or mitigate attacks against OT systems.

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