Blockchain Security Center

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) have huge business potential. By facilitating secure, trustless relationships between parties, these technologies enable countless new business models.

Harness the Potential of Blockchain, Securely

Blockchain technology is not inherently secure. The cryptography underpinning blockchain is complex, and many organizations neglect security in their haste to rush new solutions to market. The Blockchain Security Center is home to the some of the world’s top cryptography, blockchain, and cryptocurrency experts – and our ecosystem of blockchain experts continues to grow every day. Collectively our focus is to help organizations securely harness the power of these exciting blockchain technologies.

The Kudelski Security Advantage

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    Trusted Security Partner

    We’re trusted by the world’s foremost blockchain and DLT innovators to uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their latest solutions.

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    Leading Blockchain Experts

    Blockchain Security Center is home to world-renowned experts in cryptography, DLT, and secure blockchain development.

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    DevSecOps Culture

    We invest millions annually in research and development, and we are actively involved in developing the next generation of business-oriented blockchain solutions.

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    Enterprise-Grade Solutions

    No security partner is better equipped to help enterprises securely harness the operational benefits of blockchain and DLT.

Securely Harness the Business Value of Blockchain

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    Uncover Security Weaknesses

    Our blockchain cybersecurity experts conduct intensive penetration tests to identify weaknesses in blockchain solutions before they go to market.

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    World-Renowned Experts

    The Blockchain Security Center makes world-class cryptography expertise available to enterprise blockchain and DLT adopters.

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    Launch with Confidence

    Once our experts have completed their tests and fixes have been applied, new blockchain solutions can be launched with full confidence in their security.

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    Rapid Time to Market

    Our blockchain developers move rapidly from proof-of-value (PoV) to final product, enabling customers to bring solutions to market ahead of the competition.

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    Old Problems, New Solutions

    Our developers use blockchain and DLT to develop brand new solutions to age-old business problems.

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    Full Range of Services

    The Blockchain Security Center offers a full range of blockchain design, development, and testing services for any enterprise need.

Enterprise Blockchain Security Services

Reviewing your blockchain or digital ledger project with the same care as you would your PCI in-scope systems or your HIPAA audited privacy controls can ensure that your world changing idea survives scrutiny by your auditors, external auditors, and being placed on the public internet.

We’re here, and in the business of helping organizations design and deploy secure working blockchain applications.

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