IoT Security Services

IoT devices help organizations operate more efficiently, improve decision-making, and enhance user experience. But as uptake increases, IoT security is often an afterthought.

Security from Manufacturers to Enterprise Consumers

IoT devices represent a huge risk to cybersecurity teams – from how these systems interact with core networks to how the devices are designed and manufactured. Insecure IoT devices and systems increase the likelihood that organizations and their digital assets will be compromised. The Kudelski Group’s IoT Security Center of Excellence partners with enterprise adopters to build security into IoT devices and solutions from the start. Then Kudelski Security works with clients to unlock the business and operational value of IoT while ensuring the ongoing security and privacy of their assets and data.

The Kudelski Security Advantage

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    Trusted Security Partner

    We’re trusted by enterprise IoT adopters to uncover vulnerabilities in their connected devices and help them build security in from the start.

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    Leading IoT Experts

    Kudelski Security is home to some of the world’s foremost IoT developers, who spend all their time building innovative, highly secure business solutions.

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    DevSecOps Culture

    We invest millions annually in research and development, and are actively involved in developing the next generation of connected IoT devices.

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    Enterprise-Grade Security

    No security partner is better equipped to help enterprises securely harness the operational benefits of IoT.

Unlock New Business Models with Secure IoT Solutions

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    Foundationally Secure

    Our experts work with enterprise adopters to ensure new IoT solutions are secured by design.

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    Find and Fix Vulnerabilities

    Our experts conduct intensive penetration tests to identify weaknesses in IoT solutions before they go live.

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    Innovative Solutions

    Our developers use IoT to develop brand new, secure solutions to address our customers’ toughest business and technology challenges.

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    IoT Security Made Easy

    Our IoT Security Platform integrates seamlessly with your connected devices and provides a single, easy-to-use interface to manage the security of your IoT program.

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    Managed IoT Security

    Our experts handle the ongoing monitoring of IoT solutions to ensure their long-term integrity and availability.

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    Full Range of Services

    The IoT Center of Excellence offers a full range of IoT design, development, and testing services for any enterprise need.

IoT Security: A Reference Architecture

The Internet of Things is integral to the smooth running of enterprises and key to business growth.

Security is almost always an afterthought in the creation of IoT devices and systems. While debate over lines of responsibility for IoT security continues apace, enterprises are exposing themselves to the risk of cyber attacks on a daily basis.

Kudelski Security’s latest Reference Architecture is a practical guide to help CISOs and other security leaders better secure IoT in their enterprise environment.

Download the Reference Architecture Now