Advanced Penetration Testing

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, targeted, and sophisticated. More than ever, the security of an organization’s data and assets depends on their ability to identify weaknesses before they are exploited – then being prepared to act should the worst occur.

Understand Where You're Vulnerable

Proactive penetration testing helps organizations identify weaknesses in their security architecture, and accurately gauge their level of cyber risk. Kudelski Security provides rigorous, systematic penetration testing of business networks, systems, and infrastructure. Our Security penetration test engineers go far beyond automated tools and checklists to uncover any weakness that could be exploited by a determined attacker.

The Kudelski Security Advantage

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    Trusted Security Pentesting Partner

    We’re trusted by the world’s largest enterprises to uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their digital assets and infrastructure.

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    World-Leading Security Experts

    Our security engineers, developers, and leaders include the world’s foremost experts on everything from cryptography to penetration testing.

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    Committed to R&D

    We invest millions annually in research, development, and testing to ensure customers receive the most in-depth security services available anywhere.

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    Fully Certified Testers

    Our consultants and penetration test engineers are highly experienced and fully certified in all relevant security and compliance frameworks.

Find and Fix Security Weaknesses

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    Identify Security Weaknesses

    Identify and patch security weaknesses before they can be exploited by threat actors.

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    Achieve Compliance

    Our certified penetration testers are qualified to conduct penetration tests for all major compliance frameworks.

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    A Security Fundamental

    Regular cyber security pen tests are essential to ensure critical assets are adequately protected and ensure compliance with all relevant frameworks.

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    Accurately Assess Risk

    Gain real-world insight into your organization’s residual level of cyber risk.

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    Bespoke Testing

    Every penetration testing assignment is tailored to the customer’s specific needs and environment.

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    Advanced Testing

    Our security penetration test experts use every pentesting tool and technique at their disposal to uncover weaknesses in your security.

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    Proactive Preparedness

    Our teams work proactively with clients to develop incident playbooks and preparedness materials to ensure that, should a breach occur, teams execute strategies to contain and investigate an attack.

Advisory Services: Advanced Penetration Testing

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