Blue Coat Cacheflow

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Course Description

The Blue Coat CacheFlow course is intended for students who wish to master the fundamentals of the CacheFlow appliance. Students should be familiar with basic networking concepts, such as local area networks (LAN), the Internet, security, and TCP/IP. After studying this course, you will understand:

  • Key concepts of caching and server-side bandwidth reduction
  • The major functions of the CacheFlow appliance, how they work, and how to administer them
  • How the CacheFlow appliance communicates with various network management systems
  • How to work with technical support engineers to troubleshoot issues with the CacheFlow appliance


2 days

Audience / Target Group

Service provider administrators or prospective users of the CacheFlow appliance


Students need practical experience with caching appliances and knowledge of policy-based routing and L4-7 switching. Practical experience with a CacheFlow appliance is also recommended.

Course Description and Content

The Blue Coat CacheFlow course covers:

  • The CacheFlow Appliance
  • Planning the Deployment
  • Access and Initial Setup
  • Introduction to the User Interface
  • Caching Architecture
  • HTTP Proxy
  • Content Filtering
  • Access Control Policy
  • Advanced Deployment Topics
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • SNMP Configuration
  • Troubleshooting

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