Blue Coat WAN Acceleration Administrator (BCWAA)

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Course Description

The Blue Coat Certified WAN Acceleration Administrator (BCWAA) Course is intended for IT professionals who wish to master the WAN optimization fundamentals of the Blue Coat ProxySG. After completing this course, you will understand:

Basic concepts of WAN optimization

  • How to deploy and license the ProxySG
  • How to monitor ProxySG traffic
  • Concepts of bandwidth management
  • How WAN optimization works and is configured on ProxyClient

Duration / Format

2 days (16 hours) / available as classroom instructor led training (ILT) or virtual classroom training (VCT)

Audience / Target Group

IT network professionals who wish to master the fundamentals of Blue Coat products with a focus on WAN Optimization technology and who have not taken any previous Blue Coat training courses.


Students should be familiar with basic networking concepts, such as local-area networks (LANs), the Internet, security, and IP protocols such as TCP/IP fundamentals, WCCP, HTTP, CIFS and MAPI. Additionally, students should have advanced knowledge of application delivery network and security, as well as practical experience with the ProxySG in the field.



Course Description and Contents

The Blue Coat Certified WAN Acceleration Administrator (BCWAA) Course covers:

  • WAN Optimization
  • WAN Acceleration Deployments
  • Blue Coat Sky
  • WCCP Setup
  • Services
  • Monitoring Traffic
  • Configure ADN Roles
  • Optimizing CIFS
  • MAPI over ADN
  • Accelerating Web Traffic
  • Streaming Media Acceleration
  • Bandwidth Management
  • ProxySG Troubleshooting

Students will become Blue Coat Certified WAN Acceleration Administrators upon completing this course and passing the associated Prometric online exam

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