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Why Wombat?

Wombat’s Security Education Platform gives you access to assessments, interactive training modules, awareness materials, and comprehensive reporting features. You decide what to deploy, and when and where to deploy it. Measure results at every step and use analysis to tailor your future efforts.

The Wombat Success Story

At Wombat Security Technologies, we think education is about more than sharing facts and figures. We think it’s about using knowledge to drive action. Our assessment tools and suite of interactive training modules have two equally important aims: to help your employees understand security threats and implement the best practices needed to reduce risk to your organization.

Customers who use our Continuous Training Methodology have enjoyed many benefits, including up to a 90% reduction in successful external phishing attacks and malware infections; fewer helpdesk calls, increased reporting of incidents by employees; and an overall improved security posture. Our approach allows you to reduce the risks —and costs —related to employees’ poor cybersecurity behaviors.

These results are achieved by implementing the Assess, Educate, Reinforce, and Measurecomponents of our methodology, either in part or as a complete solution. With our Security Education Platform you can easily manage your IT security awareness and training program from one cloud-based, enterprise-grade system that is regularly updated to deliver improvements and new tools to help you fight the latest cyber security threats:

  • Teach employees how to recognize and report suspected phishing attacks
  • Identify the users who have the best or worst understanding of critical risk areas
  • Automatically assign follow- up education based on assessment results
  • Select from a comprehensive set of brief, software-based interactive training modules
  • Create training assignments for everyone at once, or for groups of employees you define
  • Monitor employee completion of assignments and deliver automatic reminders
  • Show measurable knowledge improvement over time with easy-to-read, easy-to-share reports
  • Train global employees in more than 25 languages

Assess Using CyberStrength and Simulated Attacks

Our assessment tools give you important insights into your organization’s level of susceptibility and allow you to narrow in on key areas of vulnerability. Used individually or in conjunction, our CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments and our ThreatSim®, SmishGuru®, and USBGuru® simulated attack tools help you establish a baseline understanding of vulnerability, which is critical for measuring results and analyzing effectiveness. All assessments are managed from a single, easy-to-use interface that’s purpose-built for security officers.

Educate Using Interactive Training Modules

Each of the modules in our ever-expanding library offers interactive training about a specific security topic. Mini-modules provide 5 to 7 minutes of training; standard modules can generally be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. Our development and design processes are based on key Learning Science Principles, and we employ methods that have been proven to be more effective than annual training presentations and videos that do not allow for interaction. Our modules engage users through hands-on decision-making, improving knowledge retention and facilitating longer-term behavior change.

You can select from a wide range of topics—including critical areas like phishing, social engineering, passwords, mobile device and application security, and physical security—and all modules are available on demand. This approach gives you more flexibility and permits your users to take training as their schedules allow, putting less strain on busy workdays and making employees more receptive to learning.

Reinforce With PhishAlarm and Security Awareness Materials

Our PhishAlarm® email reporting tool gives your users the ability to report suspicious emails to your security and incident response teams with a single mouse click. An email client add-in, PhishAlarm can reduce the window of risk associated with active phishing attacks within your organization. It also automatically provides positive behavior reinforcement by immediately thanking end users (via a pop-up or email message) for reporting suspected phishing emails. To streamline response and remediation, add PhishAlarm Analyzer to quickly scan and prioritize reported emails for your infosec security team.

Our Security Awareness Materials include posters, images, articles, and other visual cues that remind employees about of the security principles they learned during in-depth training. When these materials are viewed and shared on a regular basis, they reinforce the lessons from our interactive modules, helping your employees retain their knowledge and respond appropriately when they encounter security threats. Giveaways and incentives also allow you to reward individuals and groups who make good choices and set good examples within your organization.

Measure Results via Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Our detailed reporting capabilities give insights into each assessment and education component you choose to include in your security awareness and training program. You’ll be able to track results and employee interactions with our simulated attacks (ThreatSim, SmishGuru, and USBGuru), CyberStrength assessments, interactive training modules, and our PhishAlarm email reporting feature. All reports can be exported for easy sharing and integration with other security-related data.

Our reporting functions give you access to important information about who completed which assignments, who fell for specific simulated attacks, which concepts employees understand well, topic areas of weakness, improvements over time, and PhishAlarm reports. All user data can be characterized and reported using custom fields such as job function, geographic location, department, hire date, etc.


Wombat Security customers have shown a strong return on investment due to the effectiveness of our security education solutions. The global manufacturing company that experienced a 46% reduction in infected PCs (spyware, malware, and viruses) also saw an annualized ROI of more than 7x based solely on their helpdesk technician time savings. This equated to almost eight times the purchase price of their Wombat Security solution.

Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute has shown that organizations with ~10,000 corporate email users can expect to see a yearly ROI of up to 50x the cost of our anti-phishing training program. This alone speaks volume about the effectiveness of our methodology. But returns that are measurable in dollars are just one benefit of our approach. Our customers have enjoyed other positive results that come with a spike in awareness and an understanding of security best practices. These value-added outcomes include overall risk reductions such as fewer viruses, malware infections, and associated helpdesk tickets; lover helpdesk call volumes; increased cybersecurity knowledge across the organization; increased adherence to security policies; and an improved security posture.

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