Training Policies

The following polices apply to all training provided directly by Kudelski Security, Inc., whether performed at a Kudelski Security facility, at a Customer’s facility, or via virtual training processes and systems.

Registration - Registrations for courses are performed on a first come first served basis using the online portal ( or with the assistance of a Kudelski Security Training representative (877-771-9510). Kudelski Security reserves the right to refuse registration and attendance to any person.

Payment – Absent express written permission of Kudelski Security, payment for courses must be paid in full prior to the first date of any training or the Student may be turned away and not permitted to participate in the class or make up the material. Kudelski Security accepts payment by check, ACH bank transfer, or by major credit card via its online payment portal. Under certain circumstances, Kudelski Security will also accept specific vendors’ vouchers. For more information on such vouchers and to apply one to a payment, the Customer must contact a Kudelski Security Training representative (877-771-9510).

Included in the Price – Payment of the Course Fees entitles the Student to attend the Course, to access the Kudelski Security labs, and to receive one copy of all manufacturer authorized course materials. For Courses performed at a Kudelski Security facility, the Student will also receive access to the appropriate computer hardware, complimentary beverages, and a boxed lunch. Kudelski Security will not be responsible for any other expense including but not limited to transportation expenses, lodging, parking, dining expenses or examination fees.

Taxation – Customer remains responsible for any sales or use tax associated with the Services.

Substitution – Registrations are generally not transferrable. Upon advance written notice to Kudelski Security, and only prior to the start of the Course, a Customer may substitute one Student for another Student so long as the employer for both Students is the same.

Cancellations by Kudelski Security and Refunds – Kudelski Security reserve the right to cancel any Course, or alter any Course location or time, with or without notice. If a Course is cancelled in its entirety, the sole and exclusive remedy of the Customer shall be a full refund of any Course fees paid. Kudelski Security shall not be liable for any travel or related expenses incurred by the Customer. Unless a class is designated as “Guaranteed to Run,” Kudelski Security advises contacting a Kudelski Security Training representative (877-771-9510) prior to making travel arrangements.

Cancellations by Customer and Refunds – Kudelski Security shall reserve a seat and resources, and make other business decisions to its detriment, in reliance upon the reservation of customer. If a Customer desires to cancel a registration with fewer than ten (10) business days before the start of the Course, or fails to appear for the beginning of a Course, all Course fees paid will be forfeited. If a Customer desires to cancel or alter a registration ten (10) or more business days before the start of the Course, the Customer will be entitled to a full refund of any course fees paid or the application of such fees toward another class of the Customer’s choice.

Recording or Copying –The live exposition of the Course is the intellectual property of Kudelski Security. The Course Materials are copyrighted by the manufacturer. Any recording, copying, or unauthorized use of the Course or the Course Materials is strictly forbidden. The transfer or re-sale of Course Materials is strictly forbidden.

Warranties – Kudelski Security warrants that it shall perform the Services in accordance with (i) the prevailing standard of care, skill and diligence exercised by experienced trainers in the industry, and (ii) all applicable laws. Kudelski Security makes no other warranty regarding the Services or the Students’ proficiency upon completion of any course. Kudelski Security hereby disclaims all other warranties and representations regarding the Services, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or otherwise.

Disclaimer – Kudelski Security uses a third party payment processor for credit card transactions. Kudelski Security does not receive, store, or manage any confidential information with respect to such credit card transactions and disclaims any liability related to such transaction or processing.

Collateral Professional Services – Absent a separate written Statement of Work, Kudelski Security instructors are prohibited from providing professional services to Customers in order to address, remediate or access the Customers’ issues, system configurations or production environment , and Kudelski Security will not be liable for any such actions taken by the Kudelski Security instructors outside of the scope of the class.

Warning Regarding Implications – The information imparted during Kudelski Security Training courses is sophisticated and should not be practiced or undertaken by students in a production environment without proper planning and permission of the Student’s employer. Kudelski Security will not be liable for any actions taken by a student outside of the Course.

Force Majeure and Service Interruption - Kudelski Security will not be responsible for any delays or interruptions in service associated with events beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to any act of God, war, terror, strike, lockout, inability to obtain Course Materials, illness, epidemic, riot, insurrection, power outage, or unavailability or performance degradation of the Internet.

System Compatibility - With respect to any virtual training or training performed at a Customer site, Customer is responsible for ensuring that its security settings, systems, and hardware are compatible with the suggested minimum requirements of Kudelski Security. Verification of systems can be performed by contacting a Kudelski Security Training representative (877-771-9510).

Confidentiality Provisions - (To be added; I suggest including a statement that use of the website is covered by our Terms of Use, then linking to that page of our website, and including any of the confidentiality and opt out stuff on the general Terms of Use page. JJK)

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