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BSides Jacksonville Conference

November 16

The future is broken, buy product “X” and solve all your security problems! It’s a recurring message that started long before the trend of slapping the initials A.I. to every product description. While vendors pack as many buzzwords as possible into a product sheet, we are left with less and less visibility on how the tools we rely on actually work. To add to the complexity, some security leaders treat these solutions like a buffet, grabbing one of everything allowing black boxes to proliferate through our infrastructure. This situation creates a gap that’s ripe for exploitation and begs a few questions. Does this trend make us more secure? What kind of technical debt are we accruing? Is the future of security really destined for a “my machine is better than your machine” approach? The answers to these questions, much like the tools themselves, are fuzzy.

In addition to tools, we also have issues of scale and velocity as a stream of low-cost devices hit our networks, and developers move faster and faster. All of this means security teams need a different approach and a different measure of success. We need to exercise skills we aren’t accustomed to exercising and comfortable with approaches that would traditionally make us uncomfortable. After all, most of the time, we aren’t getting owned by super hardcore, sophisticated attacks, we are getting eaten alive by basic security hygiene. This talk is a look at the seemingly impossible situation we face and what we can accomplish with the right mix of skills, agility, and collaboration.


BSides Jacksonville, TIAA Bank Field
1 TIAA Bank Field Drive, FL 32202 United States
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November 16
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