Threat Intelligence

Malware Zoo

Malware is the cybercriminals' weapon of choice.  Everyone, from organized criminal actors to rogue states, uses malware to penetrate their target networks.

The adversary toolkit has drastically evolved.  Now, malware is almost able to systematically evade signature or pattern-based detection technologies. Malware Zoo seeks to provide clients and the broader security community automated checking of mass binaries for suspicious behavior.

Malware Zoo does not place any infrastructure at risk and brings added value through integrating the Kudelski Security threat intelligence and analysis capabilities of the Cyber Fusion Center as well as proprietary R&D.

  • Reduce operational burden for security operations or service desk staff
  • Reduce time to detect advanced threats that evade traditional cyber defenses
  • Deliver instant behavioral analysis and assessment of zero-day threats and emerging malware, to facilitate decision making
  • Provide visibility on malware impact (e.g lateral moves) for faster response, prioritization, shared intelligence
  • Improve security posture thanks to automated containment with actionable IoC report and blocking rules

Scanning at Large

Our Scanning at Large technology was developed entirely at our Innovation Center in Switzerland. As a core technology, it gathers Internet-wide threat intelligence that is fed into other security solutions, offered via our managed security services.

  • Scans the entire Internet within minutes
  • Scales horizontally in a cloud infrastructure
  • Supports virtually any protocol thanks to its modular architecture
  • Stores, processes and analyzes large data sets to create actionable intelligence

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