Digital Forensic Investigation

Kudelski Security Forensics and Legal Analysis teams have 10+ years’ experience in supporting clients through the whole forensics chain – from evidence collection to providing expert witness in court.

At our Forensic and Hardware Security Evaluation Labs, we use advanced methods to conduct data recovery on your behalf on almost all digital media, and advanced digital forensics on almost all digital devices. We have specialized expertise in working with unsupported, non-standard, obsolete, tampered or broken devices, to find data that is not visible with standard tools.

  • Reclaim data from digital devices and media including broken or password protected
  • Forensic analysis of counterfeit digital devices
  • Expert consulting & assistance during police field operations
  • Expert witness testimony in a court of law
  • Customized training for legal entities, investigation experts
  • Leverage broader Kudelski Group expertise: security architects, secure embedded software developers and cryptographers, legal experts

Digital forensic investigation

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