IoT Security Suite

Our IoT Security Suite secures the foundations of new IoT business models for device manufacturers and technology service providers of IoT devices and systems. Our IoT Security Suite is split into three core areas: the IoT Security Center of Excellence delivering security assessment and design services, an IoT Security Platform to create trust between devices and backend applications and systems, and IoT Managed Security Services. 
We have specific experience in helping companies from a range of sectors design, run, and sustain IoT security solutions. These include: telecommunications, manufacturing, energy and utilities, automotive, and healthcare.

IoT Security Center of Excellence for Design & Assessment

Our IoT Security Center of Excellence works with clients to ensure security is integrated into the design and architecture of their IoT products and services. We carry out in-depth security assessments and evaluations of IoT products at any stage of the lifecycle. Our focus for security enablement is devices and infrastructure, firmware and applications, and wireless protocols.

  • Security recommendations at design state
  • In-depth security evaluations (side channel, fault injection, imaging and IC modification)
  • Source code audit, deobfuscation, fuzzing, cryptography implementation audit, software vulnerability verification
  • Advanced penetration testing (device, application, network)
  • Assessment of wireless protocols (through in-house LPWAN and 5G lab) and of short-distance communication protocols
  • Intellectual property analysis
  • Digital forensic Investigation

IoT Security Platform

Our IoT Security Platform integrates seamlessly into your IoT backend, through a secure infrastructure, either on-premise or in the cloud. This provides a ready-made set of security foundations applicable to most IoT devices, protecting both device and associated data from attack. The platform delivers software- and hardware-based roots of trust that ensure safety, privacy, integrity and monetization of your valuable data, whether in transit or at rest.  

Hardware Security

Using technology developed in house, we can either provide custom secure elements or integrate logic block designs into third-party chips, certifying implementation to ensure they protect device, data, communications and business model. 

  • Portfolio of application-specific secure elements and custom cryptographic algorithms
  • IC embeddable hardware IP blocks for hardware root-of-trust
Software Security
Our code hardening solutions developed in house include code obfuscation and white-box cryptography techniques and can either complement or be used as an alternative to hardware security.
  • Software code and data obfuscation to prevent reverse engineering, tampering and code lifting
  • White-box cryptographic library to protect keys in firmware and applications
Key management
We generate keys for the personalization of secure elements, for secure messages, and for protecting code and data.
  • Online and secure generation of device keys; symmetric and asymmetric cryptography supporting standard/custom crypto algorithms 
  • Flexible enough so as to match specific business needs and approved corporate security policies

IoT Managed Security Services

We provide Managed Security Services for organizations who leverage our IoT Security Platform and wish to outsource the security monitoring and response to our world-class Cyber Fusion Centers in Switzerland and the U.S. Leveraging our expertise in MSS for IT and OT/ICS environments, we provide an additional layer of confidence to our clients that provides:

• 24/7 monitoring
• Triage of events and alerts based on agreed business use cases
• Real-time reports on IoT ecosystem status
• Incident advanced investigation
• Design and validation of countermeasures
• Countermeasure operation and impact monitoring
• Expanded device security lifetime


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