Security Evaluations and Certifications

Kudelski Security advanced labs have created a rigorous methodology for device hardware and software evaluations, that enable product and chip manufacturers to identify and address security vulnerabilities before products go to market. Our security assessments and evaluations enable you to increase trust in the security of your technology and reach your target security level.  We are licensed by ANSSI (L’Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information), to evaluate IoT-enabled devices for CSPN security certification . We also offer custom evaluations and certifications, adapting the time frame or the depth of evaluation, according to your specific requirements.  We have deep experience in this field, leveraging 20+ years of experience in protecting devices & content and designing tailored certification security schemes in the pay-tv sector.

Our clients can access a one-stop service, thanks to the range of capabilities we offer. These include expertise in embedded security for TEE, white box cryptography, SOC technology smart cards, and IoT-enabled devices. We also leverage proprietary security schemes, security intelligence from our Cyber Fusion Centers, and a range of sophisticated testing equipment, purpose built tools and proprietary technologies.
  • Customized approach
  • Security software code review to prevent software attacks and vulnerability exploitations
  • Advanced device penetration testing
  • Comply with industrial and government regulations and consumer protection standards
  • Possibility to go beyond security assessment level of Common Criteria ITSEF evaluations 
  • An effective measure to help guarantee device security and extend product lifecycle

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