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IoT devices help businesses operate more efficiently, improve decision making, and enhance user experience. But as uptake increases, IoT security is often an afterthought. This restricts business transformation and creates insecure IoT architecture that’s vulnerable to compromise. By building in security from the start, you can unlock the business potential of IoT while ensuring the ongoing safety, privacy, and compliance of your connected devices and data.

The Kudelski Group has protected digital content in the pay TV industry for over 30 years across more than 400 million devices. Our battle-hardened team has developed cutting edge IoT security hardware and software solutions that aren’t available anywhere else.

Our IoT security services are delivered by experts who take a security-by-design approach to help protect your IoT solutions at every stage of the product life cycle. Based at our IoT Security Center of Excellence, our veteran team provides world-class IoT security design, testing, and certification services to help you take secure IoT solutions to market. Managed IoT security services, delivered by our Cyber Fusion Centers, provide additional security through monitoring, security updates and incident response. Our proprietary IoT Security Platform, which integrates seamlessly with your connected devices, protects against cyber attacks while ensuring the privacy and integrity of your data both at rest and in transit from device to cloud.

IoT Security Design and Assessment

IoT security is a specialist field, and many companies can’t retain the necessary skills in-house. Our experts take a security-by-design approach to help you build sustainable security into your IoT solutions at every stage of the product life cycle.
Our IoT security experts:
- Conduct thorough forensic assessment and testing of IoT solutions at any stage of the product life cycle to help you establish and improve device security.
- Work with you to build security into the design and architecture of your IoT solutions from the start.
- Provide industry-recognized certification for compliant devices (including CSPN).

Managed IoT Security Services

Managing the ongoing security of your connected business is complicated. Our Managed IoT and OT Security Services help you to guarantee the long-term integrity and availability of your IoT devices and data. We use AI and machine learning to process millions  of security and business data points so we can take immediate action to protect your connected business.
Our IoT security experts:
- Provide 24/7/365 security monitoring and support for your IoT devices. 
- Monitor security readings from your IoT devices in real time, using machine learning and other big data analysis tools to identify and respond to anomalies.
- Rapidly detect and block threats using battle-tested proprietary tools, technologies, and response playbooks.

IoT Security Platform

Our IoT Security Platform integrates seamlessly with your connected devices, and provides a single, easy-to-use interface to manage the security of your IoT program. The platform makes IoT security easy to embrace by creating a long-term bond of trust between you  and your devices.
The platform puts you in control of your IoT program, and covers the four essentials of IoT Security:
- All IoT devices are protected from malicious attack and can be controlled and verified securely from a central location.
- Data privacy and integrity is ensured both at rest and in transit from device to cloud.
- The platform puts you in control of access to your IoT devices, data, and functionality.
- The platform is fully scalable to meet your needs, and capable of managing millions of connected devices.

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