Strategic Alliances

Partner with Kudelski Security to protect your clients’ vital assets with a portfolio of innovative cybersecurity solutions and services.
When your clients need to safeguard their organizations against the latest cyber threats, they turn to their most trusted advisor, you. Kudelski Security is here to be the partner you can turn to. Together, we will deliver best-in-class enterprise cybersecurity solutions that address your clients’ unique security needs and challenges.

Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

  • Kudelski Security is an innovative, independent provider of cybersecurity solutions. Our mission is to help large enterprise and public-sector clients build, deploy, and manage effective security programs aligned to their business objectives. A variety of cybersecurity services and disciplines comprise our portfolio of solutions, including security orchestration, IoT and cloud security, security device management, and more.

  • As your partner, we will provide training and sales tools that enable you to confidently sell these solutions as part of your own offering. Regional technical staff is also available for added support in identifying the right solution and implementation strategy for your clients.

Program Options

  • Reseller Partnership

    Kudelski Security resellers can expand their existing offerings with our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions. Our resellers own the client relationship and remain the primary point of contact, including support for Level 1 issues. Our team will provide training for your staff to handle these issues, and we will serve as the point of contact for all Level 2 and 3 issues. In a reseller partnership, Kudelski Security will invoice the reseller, and in turn, the reseller invoices the client.

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    Referral Partnership

    Kudelski Security referral partners serve as the conduit between their clients and our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions. As a referral partner, you can grow business and expand service offerings with little to no additional investment. Our team interfaces directly with the client, assuming point-of-contact for Level 1 issues, and handles invoicing with the partner receiving a referral commission for registered opportunities.

Partner Program Benefits:

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    Switch between partnership types based on your business goals and client relationships.

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    Expand your service offerings in partnership with an industry-leading cybersecurity solutions provider.

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    Generate recurring revenue streams with high-margin solutions.

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    Leverage our sales and marketing organization to support client campaigns.

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    Access comprehensive training on our solutions portfolio (reseller partners)

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