Technology Partnerships

  • Monitoring the Evolving Security Landscape

    In the fast-changing world of cybersecurity technologies, new products, services, manufacturers and vendors are appearing every day. Part of our role is to keep a constant watch over this dynamic market by monitoring emerging or improved security products, evaluating their effectiveness and judging their suitability for use in our clients’ environments.

    To support our clients, we regularly publish Reference Architectures that fully document technology categories and define the pros and cons of vendors serving areas of the industry – ranging from the cloud to endpoint protection.

  • Close Collaboration with Vendors

    We work closely with leading vendors to keep our experts up to date and fully trained on the latest security products. This ensures our teams are equipped with in-depth product knowledge and able to efficiently deploy, configure and optimize these technologies on behalf of our clients. It also enables us to pass on our know-how and train our clients in day-to-day product utilization.

  • Managing our Partner Ecosystem

    Our community of technology partners is constantly reviewed to ensure we maintain the full gamut of IT security technologies – and that the technologies we support are proven effective. Staying closely in touch with our partners and their changing product portfolios means we can respond swiftly to meet our clients’ cybersecurity challenges.

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