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As technology evolves, so CxO strategies follow.  In a quest for cleaner, more streamlined systems, the focus is shifting toward the cloud and the enablement of agile environments. Thanks to our rapid DevOps culture and deep experience in all market-leading technologies, Kudelski Security is able to facilitate this transition. Our teams create intelligent solutions that are fully customizable to your needs, allowing you to safeguard assets while growing your business. 

Secure Blueprint (Cyber Business Management Platform)

Secure Blueprint is a unique solution that automates cyber program metrics. Based on industry frameworks such as NIST, Secure Blueprint revolutionizes the way CISOs plan, manage, refine, and report on their cyber programs. The proprietary algorithm calculates metrics for program risk, maturity and investments and depicts information in a series of executive-ready dashboards. Secure Blueprint enables:
  • Program alignment with business objectives
  • Program prioritization and continual improvement
  • Impact and risk measurement
  • Effective communication with board (through executive dashboards)
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Managed Enclave

Managed Enclave is a proprietary managed solution providing high assurance data protection of IT isolated environments. It enables organizations to safeguard high-risk business applications and the critical data they process in a fully secured and monitored IT environment in the cloud or on premise, outside of the main corporate network. Managed Enclave is a strong asset for organizations that deal with vast amounts of sensitive or regulated data, such as companies in the critical infrastructure, energy, utilities, legal, and financial services sectors. 
Managed Enclave enables:
  • On-demand deployment of isolated IT environments or enclave that run on a pre-configured, locked-down managed platform
  • Trusted access and strict network segmentation of sensitive data and business critical applications
  • Easy auditing of the environment to validate controls, user privileges and data
  • Simplified operations with better return on investment
  • Drastic reduction of the attack surface and 24x7 managed security services powered by our CFC to defeat sophisticated attacks

Automation & Orchestration (A&O)

Kudelski Security’s DevOps and technology teams create custom script to automate and orchestrate your IT and security operations, enabling you to meet evolving demands of digital transformation.  A&O works with your existing technology, helping you achieve operational efficiency in cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. 
This solution is a force multiplier for your teams, releasing them to focus on more valuable activities by enabling faster, more scalable, and more efficient delivery of operations and security services.
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Scannerl - Internet Scanning Services

Fully developed and available on the market, Scannerl is a modular distributed fingerprinting engine implemented by Kudelski Security. Scannerl can fingerprint many thousands of targets on a single host and can also be distributed across multiple hosts. Scannerl provides visibility on how different services are exposed and the protocols used to reach different devices. On-demand scan outcomes are delivered in less than an hour. Scannerl is used for:
  • Internet-wide intelligence gathering
  • Device intelligence
  • Internet-scale custom modules
  • Network change monitoring and analytics. 
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