Security Risk Assessments

Use our security assessments to gain visibility into strategy, program maturity, business alignment and risk. Our executive consultants help you develop a security roadmap based on objective assessments, enabling you to manage your programs more effectively and close the cybersecurity gaps.

Assessments at Every Scale

Continuously improve programs and address vulnerabilities with cybersecurity consultants who take a long-term, client-centric approach. With many years of hands-on industry experience and deep domain knowledge, our advisers provide clear, actionable, business-aligned advice across a broad spectrum of cybersecurity risk assessments. From global cyber program strategy assessments to cyber risk assessments and penetration tests, get expert help to identify security holes and take the right actions to keep your business safe.

Minimize Cybersecurity Weaknesses

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    Achieve Security Goals

    Close the gap between current and target security with a cyber program strategy assessment.

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    Find and Fix Flaws

    Test vulnerabilities across all environments, plan prioritized remediation based on business priorities and validate controls with advanced penetration tests.

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    Right-Size Guidance

    Obtain targeted advice with a one-off security framework assessment or an ongoing global cyber risk assessment.

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    Expose breaches

    Determine whether your environment has been compromised and learn the steps to remediation with an ad-hoc compromise assessment.

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    Security as a Process

    Build cybersecurity into the software development lifecycle and achieve target security levels by combining monitoring, threat modeling, and application testing.

Where Business Management Meets Security Management

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    Achieve Compliance

    Simplify regulatory complexity and risk management.

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    Understand Controls

    Get a clear understanding of the effectiveness of controls.

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    Optimize Global Security Architecture

    Build sound strategy and governance and narrow the gap between current and target security.

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    Advance Security Maturity

    Address cybersecurity vulnerabilities systematically to reduce attack surface and reach target maturity.

Interested in a better way to plan, prioritize, refine and report on your cyber program?

Secure Blueprint is a web-based cybersecurity program managenent platform created by CISOs for CISOs. It will enable you to run your program more effectively, connecting organizational business objectives, threat landsacpe and security programs.

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