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Anti Piracy

Our security services protect the revenue of our media and entertainment industry clients by reducing the illegitimate redistribution of their content through a range of actions from online content monitoring to legal investigations. Our worldwide presence, technological and investigative expertise and ability to leverage 250 million deployed devices, allow us to protect client revenue and reputation. We tailor our cybersecurity solutions to the media industry, providing comprehensive assurance for all parts of the business ecosystem.

Our solutions cross the disciplines of litigation, forensics, technology, field investigations and online/system intelligence. They vary in depth of scope to match different degrees of need – from situational awareness of piracy landscape through to legal action against criminals. We leverage the greater power of Kudelski Security’s intelligence capabilities to provide better monitoring and detection of piracy activity and a more rapid take down of piracy services.

Content Sharing Antipiracy

Content sharing is today’s greatest threat to the revenue of operators and content providers. Kudelski Security offers services that respond to different degrees of need. We combine media services with tailored cybersecurity solutions to improve your defense against online content sharing piracy and protect your reputation, consumer data and your bottom line.

Key Sharing Antipiracy

Illegitimate service providers use key sharing to profit from the operator content distribution networks. For the last decade we have secured our customers services and nearly eradicated key sharing piracy both over the Internet and over satellite in North America, Latin America and Africa. Our customers benefit from an increase in demand of their services after deploying our anti-piracy services. Our unique technical countermeasures identify and suspend illegitimate services in advanced piracy contexts.


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