Compromise Assessment Services

Use our Compromise Assessments to quickly confirm a compromised or non-compromised state, identify and mitigate signs of compromise, and develop your internal threat hunting and response capabilities.

No Compromise

Sprawling and complex data environments can be difficult to monitor and analyze. Active threats often remain undetected. Whether or not you suspect a compromise, our Compromise Assessments detect, analyze and respond to any breach. Your Compromise Assessment is conducted by a team of senior incident responders who perform advanced threat hunting every day of the engagement, using manual and automated methods. We look beyond technical elements to analyze business impact and prioritize cyber initiatives according to maturity level, threats, risks, investments, and more. Your results are immediate and include a review of your cyber resiliency maturity and a strategic 24-month roadmap for your IR program.

In-Depth and Individualized

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    Rise to Meet Standards

    Identify process and control deficiencies in alignment with industry-established frameworks.

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    Tailored to Your Environment

    Your assessment is customized to your technologies and threat landscape.

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    Dedicated Threat Hunters

    Advanced threat hunters focus on your engagement full-time.

Close the Gap between Compromise and Capability

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    Reduce Impact

    Reduce the impact of a breach with faster discovery and an optimized incident response process.

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    Gain Insight

    Understand the effectiveness and limitations of your current technical controls, incident response processes and capabilities.

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    Gather Evidence

    Collect evidence for an effective response to law enforcement, partners, and customers.

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    Grow In-House Capabilities

    Improve your internal capacity for incident detection, containment, and mitigation

Interested in a better way to plan, prioritize, refine and report on your cyber program?

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