24/7 Incident Response Retainers

Gain peace of mind and confidence that you can contain and neutralize threats rapidly. Our Incident Response Retainer programs give you always-on access to an expert technical team ready to respond at any time.

Peace of Mind Retained

When you retain our multi-disciplinary teams of senior-level professionals, you are assured a fast, efficient response that will uncover the source, root cause, and extent of a breach. The threat will be contained quickly, and you will be better prepared for the next incident. Our Incident Response Retainer service gives you access to a 24×7 hotline and a standby incident response team with more than 20 years of experience across forensic investigation and incident management. With a pre-established action plan and a highly coordinated approach, our incident responders move quickly to minimize the impact of any breach on your business.

We Are Ready for Your Call

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    Relevant, Up-to-Date Competencies

    Your retained team has recognized Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) competencies, ensuring your services meet the standards associated with Carnegie Mellon University.

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    A Pre-Established, Coordinated Approach

    We learn your business and technical environment in advance so we can respond swiftly if a breach occurs. The necessary tools, processes, and communication methods are in place to reduce the response time and business impact.

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    Industry Relationships

    Our relationships with key forensic and response vendors provide us with the context and tools to attribute attacks and block attackers’ next steps.

Comprehensive Confidence

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    Greater Assurance

    Your organization is prepared to respond effectively to security incidents, so that you can demonstrate to auditors, investors, customers and C-Suite that you are proactive in your defenses.

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    Subscription-Based Model

    Your subscription-based model includes a preparation phase and an emergency response hotline with security experts on standby. The first hours of your investigation are included in the fee.

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    Stronger In-House Capabilities

    Your Incident Response Retainer service includes playbooks and training that develop your capacity to detect, prioritize, and reduce dwell time for most common attack scenarios.

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