Cloud Security Monitoring

Organizations are leveraging cloud technology to transform workplace experience, gain efficiencies and accelerate business growth. While cloud service providers enable this shift, responsibility for data security and security compliance lies with the organization. Complete visibility into a cloud or hybrid IT environment is critical but something many organizations lack, along with the resources to detect and respond to threats that target their users, data, device and applications.

The Cloud Security Specialists

Our cutting-edge Cyber Fusion Center provides 24/7/365 visibility and protection for your Amazon AWS, Microsoft Office 365, and Azure environments. With experienced threat hunters and analysts on hand, we have the tools and expertise to monitor and analyze 24/7 your cloud security data, triggering high-fidelity alerts when needed and reducing risk. 

Superior Threat Detection and Response Service

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    Get complete visibility into threats and misconfiguration issues across your Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 environments.

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    Proactively ensure identity, user, data, and cloud application security.

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    Rapidly identify and mitigate cyber threats, support remediation, no matter where they arise.

A Unique Approach to Cloud Security Monitoring

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    Rapid Threat Mitigation

    The Cyber Fusion Center finds and contains cyber threats in minutes, no matter where in your AWS, Azure, Office 365 or hybrid environments they arise.

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    Proactive Threat Hunting

    Technology isn’t enough to secure your business. Our threat hunting specialists proactively search for and neutralize cyber threats.

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    Native Cloud Security Monitoring

    Kudelski Security provides 24/7/365 cloud security monitoring without the need for additional technology purchases, simplifying threat visibility for your AWS, Azure and Office 365 environments.

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    Increased Visibility

    The MSS client portal provides real-time alerts, visualizations and contextual relevance as well as 24/7 access to analysts for actionable, prioritized advice

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