Cyber Threat Hunting

Sophisticated cyber threats are outpacing the ability of most organizations to combat them, and the average attack goes undetected for 78 days. We hunt and detect security incidents faster with our 24/7/365 cyber threat monitoring, intelligence, and analysis. Find out more about our Cyber Threat Monitoring.

Proactive, Effective Threat Hunters

In many cases, our cyber threat hunting cuts attack detection time from months to just hours. Our threat hunters are creative, lateral thinkers who spend dedicated time each week following intuition and using cyber intelligence sources to reveal signature-less threats. The service also relies on high-end commercial and proprietary tools and technologies, as well as accurate, timely threat intelligence. This unique combination enables rapid identification of threats and incident management – including containment and clear remediation guidance – and helps strengthen your overall cyber resilience.

Superior Service

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    Expert Guidance and Support

    Our certified, seasoned threat hunters bring the highest level of skills to your engagement.

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    Proven Processes

    A tried and tested four-phase onboarding and operational process ensures you get the scope and service you require.

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    Security Everywhere

    We offer global reach, multilingual support, and operations in the United States and Switzerland.

Strengthen Security Posture

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    Extend your security team

    Our expert Cyber Fusion Center analysts provide guidance and support to your security team.

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    Reduce Dwell Time

    Drastically reduce the time to detect and respond to threats through contextual intelligence automatically fused into our analytics process and tools.

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    Control Expenses

    Optimize cost predictability and scalability of security operations.

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    Comprehensive Visibility

    Real-time alerts and reports delivered from the MSS Client Portal provide comprehensive visibility of your security posture across on-premise, hybrid, cloud, OT/industrial control systems, and IoT environments.

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    Achieve Compliance

    Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Kudelski Security Recognized as Major Player in Latest IDC MarketScape

Read the IDC MarketScape to understand why – less than three years after our MSS launch – we are named a Major Player for our vision and capabilities.

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