Threat Intelligence and Monitoring

Sophisticated and targeted threats are on the rise, outpacing the ability of most organizations to combat them. Effective containment and remediation depends on rapid detection, but currently most threats go undetected for an average of 78 days. Rapid detection and disruption of advanced attacks require a deeper level of intelligence and depend a combination of threat hunting, threat monitoring and vulnerability scanning to detect known and unknown threats.  The result of our service is superior visibility into threats and adversaries, greater contextual relevance and a dynamic understanding of an ever-changing threat landscape. 
Threat Monitoring & Hunting
The CFC is able to detect, analyze and process threats faster than most MSSPs. The Threat Monitoring Service gathers security data from a client’s network, automatically fusing it with threat intelligence the moment it’s ingested, to generate rich and contextualized content on the threats that matter. 
We then leverage this information to unveil anomalies that indicate suspicious behavior. If we find a real threat, we instantly generate alerts for analysis by the CFC. And in the event of a breach, we rapidly activate your incident response plan, containing and isolating the attack and providing clear steps for remediation.
Kudelski Security Threat Hunting teams assume that automated detection will not pick up all active threats. Each week, analysts dedicate time to proactive threat hunting to detect abanormal behavior and neutralize threats that could disrupt business operations.
  • Disruptive approach to the kill chain, reducing detection time from months to hours, in many cases 
  • Immediate correlation of security data with contextual threat intelligence to speed up triage and analysis
  • Tailored reports for CISOS with contextual threat intelligence, security event data and clear, actionable advice on remediation steps 
  • Rapid creation of threat monitoring use cases, using newly discovered intelligence and attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures that make threat detection capabilities progressively smarter
  • Ability to rewind the kill chain for threat retrospection
  • Comprehensive visibility of your security posture from the network perimeter to endpoints through real-time alerts, and reports delivered from the MSS Client Portal
Vulnerability Scanning
Kudelski Security designed its Vulnerability Scanning Service to rapidly scan, identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in clients’ computing environments. Vulnerability Scanning continuously identifies, classifies and analyzes vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure, services, or web applications. 
If a critical security vulnerability is identified during a predefined or ad-hoc scan, the CFC threat Analysis team will immediately notify your team and provide them custom remediation guidance. By systematically addressing your vulnerabilities in this way, your security posture is strengthened and your business risk reduced.
Support includes the following services:
  • Prioritized vulnerability reports with clear remediation guidance to help you move to a proactive risk management and mitigation approach 
  • 24x7x365 on-demand access to expert analysts from our Cyber Fusion Center for guidance and support
  • MSS Client Portal providing on-demand scan results, reports, dashboards and remediation recommendations

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