Cybersecurity Threat Monitoring & Intelligence

Our threat monitoring capabilities delivers superior visibility into threats and adversaries, greater contextual relevance and a dynamic understanding of an ever-shifting threat landscape. Find out more about our Cyber Threat Monitoring.

Pervasive Visibility

Cyber threat monitoring is key in the rapid detection and disruption of advanced attacks. We gather security data from across your ecosystems (including traditional IT, cloud, OT/industrial control systems sources), and automatically fuse it with threat intelligence the moment it’s ingested. This generates a rich, contextualized view of the threats that matter most. This information is used to unveil any anomalies that may point to suspicious behavior. If a real threat is discovered, we instantly generate alerts for analysis by the Cyber Fusion Center and can take initial actions if so desired. If a breach does occur, we instantly activate the client’s incident response plan to contain, isolate the attack and proceed to remediation.

Superior Service

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    Dedicated Guidance and Support

    Our expert Cyber Fusion Center analysts provide skills and actionable remediation recommendations that extend your internal capabilities.


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    Proven Processes

    A tried and tested four-phase onboarding and best in class security operations processes ensures you get the scope and service you require.

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    Security Everywhere

    We offer global reach, multilingual support for our cyber intelligence platform, and operations in the United States and Switzerland.

Long-Range Visibility

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    Reduce Dwell Time

    Drastically reduce the time to detect and respond to cyber threats through contextual intelligence automatically fused into our analytics process and tools.

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    Control Expenses

    Optimize cost predictability and the scalability of security operations.

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    Comprehensive Visibility

    Real-time alerts, relevant cyber threat intelligence, and detailed reports delivered from the MSS Client Portal provide comprehensive visibility of your security posture across your digital ecosystem.

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    Achieve Compliance

    Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Kudelski Security Recognized by Gartner in 2019 MSS Magic Quadrant

IT & Security leaders are looking for trusted security partners who can help them increase visibility of assets, reduce complexity, and address critical talent shortage.
Our services cover all cloud environments, so that wherever you are on your cloud journey, we’ve got you covered.

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