Cybersecurity Product Development

CISO strategies are shifting towards the cloud and the enablement of more agile environments. We facilitate this transition with our rapid DevOps culture, range of innovative security products and deep experience in all market-leading technologies. Find out more about our Cybersecurity Products.

Real-World Innovation

Our teams create fully customizable intelligent security products that safeguard assets and support business growth. We offer unique solutions such as Secure Blueprint, which automates program metrics, Managed Enclave, which provides high assurance data protection of IT isolated environments, and custom Automation & Orchestration scripts which helps businesses improve efficiencies across their technology environments.


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    DevOps Culture

    We have a deeply embedded DevOps culture and teams of engineers, researchers, subject-matter experts and analysts dedicated to resolving your technology problems.

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    Proprietary Tools

    Many of the innovative security products we offer to our customers were developed in response to challenges we faced in our own business. Today, these tools are solving issues for businesses across many industries.

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    Advanced Labs

    Innovation is in our DNA. We have invested in sophisticated labs to research advanced technologies and test their practical application and commercial potential.

A History of Bringing New Ideas to Market

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    Rapid Innovation

    Accelerate development with our innovation platforms. These include Secure Blueprint SaaS (Cyber Business Management Platform), Managed Enclave (high-assurance data protection with IT isolated environments), Automation and Orchestration (for security operations and infrastructure optimization), and Scannerl (Internet scanning services).

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    Accelerated Development

    Blockchain, IoT, and other advanced technologies require specialists who are challenging – and expensive to retain. To speed your progress, we provide multi-disciplinary experts on everything from cryptography and cloud security to big data science and advanced networking.

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    Secure Communications and Data Confidentiality

    Reach target security levels for products and systems. We have decades of experience delivering code review, design review, product review audits, custom algorithm design, cryptographic algorithm implementation, and training.

Enterprise Blockchain Security Services

Reviewing your blockchain or digital ledger project with the same care as you would your PCI in-scope systems or your HIPAA audited privacy controls can ensure that your world-changing idea survives scrutiny by your auditors, external auditors, and being placed on the public internet.

We’re here and in the business of helping organizations design and deploy secure working blockchain applications.

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