Fundamental and Applied Research

Bring us your impossible. Our cybersecurity research specialists based in our research centers thrive on giving you answers, ideas, and workable solutions. Find out more about our Cybersecurity Research.

Research Centers in Switzerland and the United States

As one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity companies, we work alongside commercial and academic institutions to research relevant and emerging issues in information security. We support research agreements with commercial partners, providing subject matter experts to tackle specific problems. Applied research programs are driven by corporate strategic priorities and client requests, focusing on solutions that add value to the design, deployment, and management of effective cybersecurity programs. When we go to build, we leverage our rapid DevOps capabilities to create agile solutions that make existing technology more efficient.

Connecting Enterprises with Innovators

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    Rapid DevOps

    The rate of innovation is faster than ever, and our DevOps culture is focused on speedily envisioning, piloting, and testing new ideas without sacrificing security or reliability.

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    Student Initiatives

    We support student research programs in cybersecurity through university capstone projects and student hiring to ensure the next generation of security researchers have the skills, knowledge, and inquisitive spirit to advance cybersecurity.

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    A Broader Community

    Real impact can only be achieved through a collective effort with the broader community. We openly share research and regularly publish open-source software.

Recent Initiatives

  • Kudelski Security - Fumblechain

    Introducing Fumblechain

    We are happy to announce FumbleChain, a purposefully vulnerable blockchain implementation. This project has been a labor of love for the Research team here at Kudelski Security since late last year.


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  • Kudelski Security - New League Entropy

    The League of Entropy

    We are happy to announce together with its partners the creation of the League of Entropy, whose goal is to provide a secure source of distributed public randomness for anybody to use!


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  • Kudelski Security - Latest News - Computer Chip

    Can you sign a Quantum State?

    In this post we are going to look at recent scientific results about the potential and limitations of cryptography on a quantum computer.


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Cloud Security Reference Architecture

Learn to gauge cloud risk and assess the capabilities of existing security technologies for cloud environments.

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