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Technology Consulting

Kudelski Security technology delivery teams provide end-to-end professional services to support enterprise security architecture development and technology installation.

Our network engineers extend your internal capabilities, leveraging extensive field experience to deliver business-enabling service and support. The team includes senior engineers and senior solution architects with the skill sets to help you design and deploy an optimal IT security architecture.

Our services are built on a tried and tested methodology that delivers planning workshops and IT architecture and technology assessments, and full on-site support for technology installation and integration.

And our goal is simple: to ensure your network environment is always secure, available, accessible and matched to your business needs.

Architecture and Design

Every organization requires a unique solutions architecture that aligns enterprise security to business priorities. We invest the time needed to develop deep understanding of your architecture pain points and identify the root causes. We deliver a full assessment of your existing architecture, analyzing its performance against your business priorities, and using this analysis, design optimal and actionable network architecture plans. We can also help you select the technology solutions that best meet your evolving business and security needs. We explore your requirements from a technical perspective as well as a business capability and maturity perspective, and combine this analysis with our strong product knowledge to give sound advice on the solutions you need to implement.

Technology Assessments

Based on site, we’ll carry out thorough security technology assessments that will define the vulnerability and overall security posture of your network environments. We work closely with you to create network topographies and investigate each device, revealing weaknesses that can leave you vulnerable to security breaches or inefficiencies that may impact business performance. We then help identify the solutions that best reduce risk.

Solution Implementation and Migration

Our comprehensive security operation and implementation solutions will give you access to unrivalled technical expertise, ensuring high availability and security of your network infrastructure technologies.


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