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Solution Implementation and Migration

We work with organizations of any complexity to ensure that their IT security supports and enables business.  Our service is built on a tried and tested methodology that delivers planning workshops and IT architecture assessments with full on-site support for technology installation and integration.

Technology Architecture and Planning

Every environment is unique and requires integrated solutions. Our strong client-centric approach enables us to provide relevant strategies that optimize your technology architecture and align enterprise security with business priorities.

On-site network engineers will carry out deep investigation of the current state of your enterprise network architecture to understand your desired performance level and evaluate the health of your systems.

We will invest time in understanding your pain points and identifying the root cause of problems. We will explore the challenges from a technical perspective as well as a business capability and maturity perspective, before proposing solutions.

Technology Assessments

We base ourselves at your premises to carry out robust security technology assessments that will define the vulnerability and overall security posture of your network environments. We work closely with you to create device topographies and investigate each item, revealing weaknesses that can leave you vulnerable to security breaches or inefficiencies that may impact business performance. We then identify the solutions that best reduce risk.

  • Network security
    • Next-generation firewalls (App-ID, IPS, AV, Spyware, URL filtering)
    • Network access control
    • Network segmentation
    • APT protection
  • Endpoint security
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Endpoint protection
    • APT protection
  • Data security
    • Data loss protection
    • Security information and event management (SIEM)
    • APT protection
  • Application security
    • Web application firewall (WAF)
    • APT protection

We also deliver point-in-time audits and assessments to reveal inconsistencies and issues outside of standard best practices. Audits cover inventories, architecture mapping, topography (current and proposed) and utilization analysis. We maintain hundreds of certifications to support these abilities, and, in many cases, our teams are recommended by the hardware vendors themselves.

  • Premium F5 audits
  • Standard F5 audits

Technology implementation

Our implementation and migration team comprises highly certified engineers who plan and deploy hardware implementation or migration to fully optimize your IT security investments. We are ranked consistently among the top 5 service organizations of F5, Palo Alto Networks and Juniper solutions, delivering world-class engineering and support capabilities.

  • Installation/migration projects
  • Cisco to Juniper migration/integration
  • ACE to F5 migrations
  • Tech-on-tap services
  • Routing/switching installation
  • Firewalls and firewall policy optimization
  • Network monitoring
  • Network architecture and security engineering
  • Installation and initial turn-up
  • Data center design/redesign
  • Network access control and authentication
  • Wireless infrastructure and security
  • PMI-certified project management
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