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Kudelski Security is an international cybersecurity company providing innovative, independent and tailored security solutions for large enterprise and public sector clients.



With a rapidly growing staff, and locations in Switzerland and the United States, we leverage our unique history of innovation and engineering, and a programmatic view of client security, to adopt a different approach to cybersecurity and help change the security paradigm.


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Kudelski Security organizes and participates in a range of industry events, from cybersecurity summits to networking evenings and panel discussions, connecting our thought leaders, clients and prospects.


Our company is supported by leaders united by a vision to create and deliver solutions to the world’s toughest cybersecurity challenges, and driven by a common commitment to integrity, accountability and excellence.


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Strategic Partners

The Kudelski Group partners with innovative business, academic and cultural enterprises that embrace the same vision of fusing ideas with technology to push boundaries. Partners include the World Economic Forum and Kryptus Information Security Solutions.


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