Who We Are

Kudelski Security is an independent cybersecurity partner to large enterprise and public sector clients, delivering relevant, workable solutions to address their toughest security challenges.

We differentiate ourselves by the purposeful innovation at the heart of our corporate culture, which stems from our Kudelski Group heritage. Founded in 1951 with the launch of its NAGRA recording equipment, the Kudelski Group is renowned for ground-breaking innovations that have shaped the evolution of the digital television ecosystem.

Responding to shifts in global markets and technology, the Group has leveraged its engineering capabilities to become the market leader in media content security and public access solutions. Kudelski Security was founded as a logical extension to the Group’s expertise in digital asset security. With our legacy of technological experience and our strong client-oriented approach, our belief is that the company is uniquely positioned to deliver effective end-to-end cybersecurity for large organizations around the world.

Our global reach and cyber solutions focus is reinforced by key international partnerships. This includes alliances with the world’s leading security technology firms as well as with experts in specialized services, so clients have access to the tools, knowledge and talent to realize complete cybersecurity programs.

Kudelski Security has more than 300 employees, and locations in Europe and the United States.

Our Manifesto

We innovate – all the time

Our innovation is purposeful. Through our Advanced Labs and Innovation Center we generate unique solutions to relevant, complex problems.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are made up of skilled experts- intuitive and lateral-thinkers with a strong track record in creating cutting-edge solutions that respond to new cybersecurity challenges.

We’re independent

Our independence is built deep into our Swiss psyche and drives our vendor-neutral philosophy. We will only ever recommend solutions that best match client requirements.

This neutrality frees us up to take a results-oriented approach to our work. Our keystone is always the client’s needs. Our goal is to enable them to operate with confidence in cyberspace. Solutions that are not both relevant and excellent simply don’t make it into our portfolio.

We’re credible

We pursue excellence in everything we do, from the solutions we create and deploy to our partnership approach with clients and vendors.

Our offering is comprehensive. We use an established consulting program to help clients identify gaps in their security. We then deliver the solutions to close them. These include world-class technology, support services, training, and managed security services delivered via our Cyber Fusion Centers.

We’re in it for the long haul

The Kudelski Group has supported its customers for more than 65 years and we apply the same long-term partnership approach to our collaboration with clients. Our aim is to mature their cybersecurity posture, working steadily to reduce the risk of breach and exposure.

Our security program is comprehensive. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to strengthen their security. We treat their data as our own. This is our client commitment.

Secure Blueprint

The cybersecurity industry has struggled to keep up with expectations; barely a week goes by without news of another major data breach. Global spending on security programs is on the rise, but has not translated into sustained gains in the fight against cybercrime. 
Kudelski Security believes that part of the problem lies in a tunnel vision approach to cybersecurity. Investments have focused on building and deploying robust technology solutions without full consideration of how people and process changes work alongside them to deliver results. 
We aim to create a new standard for cybersecurity by offering an innovative kind of program and approach. Our view is that every organization needs a unique blueprint to map current security investments, articulate their vision for future security, and build measurable action plans that enable them to address the gaps. 
Kudelski Security’s Secure Blueprint approach helps organizations evaluate their security programs and make continuous improvements. It provides CISOs a visual representation of the security programs as well as the metrics to measure maturity and residual risk, giving them the information they need to facilitate full board-level engagement. 
It customizes programs to the business priorities, risk appetite, internal context and external threats of an organization, and balances a focus on smart technology solutions with investments in people and process. 
To support program implementation, we offer extensive capabilities across four business pillars – advisory, technology, managed security services and custom solutions. This range of services enables us to respond to our clients’ needs, and deliver security that is end-to-end. Clients gain true and pervasive visibility into threats, are able to reduce enterprise risk, maintain compliance and increase overall efficiencies.

Worldwide Community Focus

Our approach focuses on the cybersecurity needs of the world community. As such, Kudelski Security, and our Kudelski Group parent company, are proud to be strategic partners and active members of the World Economic Forum, an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas. In addition to providing security solutions to WEF meetings, we’re active contributors to cybersecurity research, programs and reports.


Our staff maintains hundreds of personal and professional designations. Our organizational certifications demonstrate our commitment and ability to deal with information securely. Our clients have the assurance that their confidential data will be handled with the utmost integrity.

Logo ISO 27001

Our information security management system is ISO 27001:2013 certified. This certification ensures that customer data is handled with the highest level of protection while we deliver cybersecurity solutions.



Kudelski Security is a member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST).


Logo Cert

Our Incident Response team has recognized ‘Computer Emergency Response Team’ (CERT) competencies, ensuring our security incident response services meet the standards associated with Carnegie Mellon University.


How to Find Us

Kudelski Security is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, with a client support office in Zürich. US operations are based in Phoenix, Arizona, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Visit us.

In Case of Emergency

Should an emergency occur, Kudelski Security Emergency Incident Response team will help you deal with the aftermath of the incident, providing technical, legal, crisis communication, investigative and remediation support. Contact us in case of emergency.

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