Our Leadership Team

Behind the success of Kudelski Security is a community of talented individuals with the creativity, skills and drive to redefine the world of cybersecurity. Directing and shaping these efforts is our executive management team.

Andrew Howard CEO

“Our vision is to challenge the cybersecurity status quo, uniting world-class consulting, innovation, managed services and technologies to deliver real business outcomes for our clients focused on increasing confidence, cyber-resilience, and protection of data across their digital ecosystem, globally.”

  • Leadership - Service Icon

    Steve Speidel, Global Operations

    Andrew Howard, Research & Development

    Alton Kizziah, Managed Security

    John Van Blaricum, Marketing

  • Leadership - Service Icon

    Phillipe Borloz, General Manager
    Martin Dion, Services
    Olivier Spielmann, Managed Security
    Ryan Spanier, Solution Architecture
    Johan Roman, Marketing & Partnerships
    Claudia Hochstrasser, Human Resources
    Anne Brique, Legal

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    North America

    TBH, General Manager
    John Hellickson, Advisory Services
    Tom Marsnik, Technical Services
    Mark Mattei, Managed Security
    Bo Lane, Solution Architecture
    Allison Mentesana, Marketing
    Sean Stenovitch, Partnerships
    John Blavatsky, Legal

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