Security Assessments

As cybersecurity programs evolve, complexity is inevitable. If left unchecked, the resulting redundancies, gaps, and inefficiencies can leave organizations vulnerable to cyber attack.

Define Paths to Better Security

Our comprehensive assessments help organizations identify gaps in their existing security controls and determines whether their critical assets are fully protected. Kudelski Security provides both technology-specific assessments and comprehensive, program-wide cybersecurity program assessments. We help customers find and fix vulnerabilities in their security architecture before they are exploited by threat actors.

The Kudelski Security Advantage

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    Experienced Assessors

    We have completed hundreds of successful cybersecurity assessments across a wide range of industry verticals.

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    Trusted Partners

    We build long-term relationships with our customers, who value the integrity and expertise of our expert assessors.

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    Vast Security Knowledge

    Our cybersecurity consultants have the knowledge and expertise to create balanced security programs, as well as to determine whether security devices are properly configured and integrated.

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    Fully Certified

    Our assessors have hundreds of certifications from the world’s leading security technology providers.

Find and Fill Cybersecurity Gaps

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    Tailored Assessments

    Cybersecurity assessments can be a holistic view of the security program or focused on specific technologies, dependent on customer needs.

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    Identify Weak Points

    Uncover gaps in cybersecurity people, process, and technologies before they are exploited.

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    Prioritized Feedback

    Recommendations are ranked according to urgency to help customers address their most critical vulnerabilities first.

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    Maximize Device Utility

    Find out whether technologies are properly configured and integrated with your wider security architecture.

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    Business-Focused Security Advice

    Assessment findings are always linked back to the wider perspective of your cybersecurity program and business objectives.

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    Ensure Ongoing Compliance

    Ensure devices are configured in accordance with relevant compliance frameworks.

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