Innovation is in our DNA. We have been innovating for over 20 years to create solutions to complex media security challenges. The Kudelski Group holds over 4,700 patents and is home to a large team of multi-disciplinary experts covering everything from cryptography and cloud security to big data science and advanced networking. Partnerships with top academic institutions around the world enrich our research and take it to a wider audience.

Threat Intelligence

Kudelski Security threat intelligence solutions (Malware Zoo and Scanning at Large) facilitate rapid threat detection and response approaches. They deliver clients actionable intelligence that can build your resilience to unknown threats and help strengthen your overall security posture.

Network Situational Awareness

K-Sonar is an agent-less solution for stealthy and continuous network monitoring. K-Sonar scans billions of ports to track changes in the state of your Internet-facing assets, flagging up anomalies and enabling you to evaluate your cybersecurity posture more effectively.

Secure Communications - White Noise

WHITE NOISE is a Swiss, innovative answer to the security and privacy challenges raised by the rapid growth of mobile in the workplace – from SoHo to large corporate and public institutions. The secure communications solution, developed and operated as a service from Switzerland, provides custom hardware (in-chip) encryption for voice calls and instant messaging.


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