IoT Security

As IoT devices and systems take center stage in business and public environments, the demand for robust IoT security is increasing. Kudelski Security applies its cyber and device security knowledge and experience to the IoT space, developing services and solutions that enable and protect new IoT business models. We will help you build in active security from the start, creating a foundation which ensures safety, privacy, compliance and continued monetization of the services that depend on your connected devices.

IoT Security Suite

Our IoT Security Suite consists of services that will ensure security is integrated throughout your product and system lifecycle and helps guarantee long-term confidentiality, integrity, availability and safety. The Swiss-based IoT Center of Excellence delivers Security Design and Assessment services and the IoT Security Platform creates trust between you and your devices using proven and robust hardware and software security. The 24X7X365 IoT Managed Security Services provides an additional level of protection and assurance during business operations, so organizations can be confident that in the event of an attack, rapid and effective response plans will be implemented, and the threat contained.

IoT Products and Solutions

Our solutions are based on 30 years of Kudelski Group innovation in protecting digital TV content on more than 400 million devices as well as its strong expertise in cybersecurity. By leveraging state-of-the-art security hardware and software designed by Swiss engineers and its unique heritage in both digital security for pay TV industry, Kudelski Group is uniquely positioned to build secure IoT products and solutions or integrate our world-class security technology into third-party products. Our Research and Development (R&D) teams continuously strive to create answers to unmet market needs and solve the toughest challenges our clients face.

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