IoT Security

Our European-based labs have been providing specialist expertise in digital device and chip technology for over 20 years. This experience enables us to support our clients’ embedded security assessment needs and protect their bottom line before, during and after product launch.

We provide a tailored, specialized range of services from security evaluations and penetration testing to digital forensic investigations and patent infringement analysis.

IoT Security Center of Excellence

The Internet of Things is exploding, with an anticipated 25 billion devices connected by 2020. While IoT has changed the way businesses, governments and consumers interact with the world, concerns are mounting over security issues. IoT devices are increasingly used as a vector for large-scale attacks as well as being targeted for the valuable data they contain. Kudelski Security partners with IoT manufacturers and integrators through the IoT Security Center of Excellence, to help them answer their security challenges. We take an end-to-end approach to the security of IoT devices and their ecosystems, covering security at all stages of the lifecycle, from design to post launch.

Security Evaluations and Certifications

Our in-depth security evaluations help identify core weaknesses in your products at both silicon and firmware level, assessing their impact to ensure that your solution reaches its required security level. Such a pro-active approach helps to prolong the lifecycle of your product once it is released to market and can increase your confidence in successful accreditation by certification bodies.

Intellectual Property Analysis

Our service helps ensure that at each stage of your product lifecycle, your investments are protected. We use proprietary technology in addition to industry-standards tools to investigate illegal use of your IP on other electronic devices and systems, by localizing and analyzing the implementation of patented mechanisms.

Digital Forensic Investigation

We can conduct forensic investigation and analysis on almost all digital devices, including non-standard, obsolete, tampered and broken systems, enabling you to recover data that is lost by accident or deliberately destroyed. Our teams are capable of supporting clients through the whole forensics chain – from evidence collection to providing expert witness in a court of law.

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