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Our comprehensive IoT security service extends to the very design and creation of real-world products  and solutions that provide an answer to complex security challenges.  Our mission is to enable organizations to create products that reach their target security level and drive value to their business. 

WHITE NOISE – Secure Communications

WHITE NOISE is an innovative Swiss answer to the security and privacy challenges raised by the rapid growth of mobile in the workplace – from SoHo to large corporate and public institutions. The secure communications solution, developed and operated as a service from Switzerland, provides custom hardware (in-chip) encryption for voice calls and instant messaging.  
Kudelski Security engineers drew on the company’s 20 years of experience in creating hardware and software to secure over 400million at-risk devices in the PayTV sector, in order to develop WHITE NOISE. 
WHITE NOISE is an end-to-end secure communications solution that is also multi-platform, working across iPhone, Android and computer devices. WHITE NOISE reintroduces the element of trust and privacy into modern communications, which rely on heterogeneous and untrusted networks.
  • Secure voice and instant messaging with strong in-chip encryption that combines industry-standard and in-house cryptography
  • Cross-platform availability: iPhone, Android, and our unique Bluetooth Headset
  • Full control of the security chain & sovereignty of the keys by the client
  • Easy deployment via Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and easy setup
  • Easy to use & intuitive application for end users
  • Flexible deployment: available as a service or on-premises
  • Fully scalable in order to bring security to every employee
  • Designed and hosted in Switzerland; backdoor free 
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Secure Video Management System – IoT Edge

Kudelski Security has created security products that can be integrated into existing video management systems. The technology secures the whole system – from the network up to the edge – encrypting content and ensuring trusted access.  
The product consists of a small, after-market appliance that protects the video and the camera using strong encryption and firewall technologies. The solution incorporates key technologies from strategic partners such as Ionic (policy management system), 42Crunch (API Firewall), and SmarDTV (hardware design and manufacturing).
Additional security monitoring can be provided from the Cyber Fusion Center. 
Cybersecurity is delivered through: 
  • Secure Linux
  • Network firewall
  • API firewall (ONVIF and proprietary APIs)
  • Out-of-band management with NB-IoT
Content security is delivered through:
  • Forensic watermarking 
  • Secure content streaming (SRTP) 
  • End-to-end content protection with DRM 
  • Real-time policy enforcement 
  • Fine-grained access management 
  • Zero-knowledge
Lifecycle security is delivered through: 
  • Hardware- and software-based protection
  • Authentication, integrity, confidentiality
  • Authorization, access control, data security
  • Local decision making
  • Monitoring, countermeasures, managed security


Forrester Recognizes Kudelski Security as a Top Emerging Leader in MSSP


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