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We leverage a global network of cybersecurity companies - premier technology and service providers that help us protect the business assets of our clients. Our strategic technology and services alliances enable us also to offer industry-proven technology, intelligence and training solutions that deliver the best resources and performance in the market today.

Industry Alliances

When necessary, we partner with boutique firms with specialized skillsets to extend our consulting offering and ensure our clients have the best advice and guidance on all areas relating to cybersecurity. We also leverage industry-based strategic intelligence alliances and organizations to enable us to access better intelligence, legal support and certification and promote collaboration in emergency response. Leading partners include FS-ISAC, FIRST and PECB.

Technology Alliances

We provide leading information security solutions and specialize in network infrastructure and security technologies that minimize risk. When we consider forming new partnerships with technology security companies, we first ensure that the product works as described and that our teams have the skills to deploy it and support clients fully in managing their investment. This approach ensures we have the knowledge and expertise to provide effective long-term advice and support. While our partner roster may vary over time, we have long-term reselling agreements with market leaders F5, Palo Alto, Cisco/SourceFire, RSA and Juniper, and new emerging leaders such as CrowdStrike, Athonet, Kryptus, Fidelis and Qualys.


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