Innovation is in our DNA. We have been innovating for over 20 years to create solutions to complex media security challenges. The Kudelski Group holds over 4,700 patents and is home to a large team of multi-disciplinary experts covering everything from cryptography and cloud security to big data science and advanced networking. Partnerships with top academic institutions around the world enrich our research and take it to a wider audience.

Fundamental and Applied Research

Purposeful innovation is in our DNA. We leverage more than 65 years of Kudelski Group experience as a technology pioneer, to bring new technology to the cybersecurity space. We integrate our solutions into our own Advisory, Technology and Managed Security Services (MSS) as well as provide solutions that respond to unmet client needs. Elite teams of multi-disciplinary experts support Kudelski Security’s R&D services, addressing complex challenges in everything from cryptography and cloud security to big data science and advanced networking. The Kudelski Group holds thousands of patents and invests around 200 million USD in R&D each year

Product Development

In our quest to challenge the cybersecurity status quo, we develop high-assurance products that meet a specific need or add value to our MSS, Advisory, Technology offerings. Our solutions are focused on making complex IT environments more efficient, supporting business growth, and strengthening security posture. Flagship innovation includes, Secure Blueprint SaaS (Cyber Business Management Platform), Managed Enclave (high-assurance data protection with IT isolated environments) Automation and Orchestration (for security operations and infrastructure optimization), and Scannerl (Internet scanning services).

Cryptography Services

Cryptography is critical to all modern systems, ensuring secure communications, data confidentiality and integrity. Kudelski Security leverages the expertise of the Group – market leader in digital content security for the PayTV Industry – to enable clients to reach target security levels for their products and systems. Our offering covers code review, design review and product review audits, custom algorithm design, cryptographic algorithm implementation, and training.

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