Cryptography Services

The Group has a long history in cryptography. It is widely recognized as an industry leader in the field, creating, auditing, reviewing and implementing code for the digital TV industry. Our cryptography heritage is extended to our cybersecurity activities, helping clients protect their business systems and data, and sensitive customer information.
  • Cryptography audits for software implementations. We use manual code review as well as automated tools to provide a detailed cryptography gap analysis, and then assist developers to implement fixes.

    • Source code reviews
    • Design reviews
    • Product reviews
  • Cryptography design: We can design custom cryptographic algorithms that match your requirements in terms of security, performance, target platform, and features. We have designed proprietary ciphers for smart cards and popular open-source designs such as BLAKE2.
  • Cryptography implementation: We provide you with the proper controls to secure your cryptographic implementations.

    • Secure from side-channel attacks
    • Assess target security level for cryptographic components
    • Implement required countermeasures
  • Training: We offer a one- or two-day training to teach developers the most relevant aspects of modern cryptography, with a focus on software applications and real vulnerabilities.

    • Enforced Intellectual property rights
    • Render reverse engineering difficult
    • Prevent emulation
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