Fundamental and Applied Research

The Kudelski Security Research team is dedicated to finding solutions to tough cybersecurity challenges. Partnerships with leading academic institutions and like-minded organizations enrich our research and take it to a wider audience.  We believe that real impact will only be achieved through a collective effort with the broader community. To this end, Kudelski Security openly shares its research and regularly publishes open-source software.

Fundamental Research and Joint Projects

Kudelski Security works alongside commercial and academic institutions to research relevant and emerging issues in information security. We support research agreements with commercial partners, providing subject matter experts to tackle specific problems. Research is generally published on the Kudelski Security Research blog
Recent initiatives include:
  • Hardware root of trust in IoT devices
  • Investigating new techniques in detecting and combating media piracy
  • The security and applications of Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) 
  • The partnership between cyber and physical security 

University Projects

We support student research programs in cybersecurity, both through university capstone projects and student hiring, to ensure the next generation of information security researchers have the skills, knowledge and inquisitive spirit that is integral to the advancement of cybersecurity.  Current student initiatives include: 
  • Cryptographic automated testing 
  • SGX architecture and advanced functionalities

Applied Research

Applied research programs focus on projects driven by corporate strategic priorities or client requests, with a view to creating solutions that add value to efforts in designing, deploying and managing effective cybersecurity programs. Though we have built stand-alone solutions, our focus is on using rapid DevOps capabilities to create agile solutions that make existing technology more efficient.  
Research by Kudelski Security has led to the development of a number of products or tools, including:

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