Cloud Security

As cloud computing takes a prominent role in business operations, airtight cloud security governance and controls are essential to ensuring the secure migration and ongoing management of cloud-based infrastructures.

End-to-End Solutions for Secure Cloud Operations

Cloud technology has revolutionized business operations, increasing an organization’s ability to scale and adapt, but also introducing new cloud-based attacks. Kudelski Security supports organizations in their business transformation journey with a comprehensive portfolio of vendor-agnostic cloud security services that enable streamlined and secure operation of cloud technologies.

A Full-Spectrum of Cloud Security Services

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    Cloud Security Assessments

    Understand the business and technical risks of moving to the cloud and identify vulnerabilities in your existing or planned infrastructure.

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    Cloud Governance Workshop

    Work with our team to define security requirements, controls, standards, and policies for migrating and managing cloud environments.

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    Cloud Architecture Design

    Get fully secured, end-to-end cloud architecture design and configuration based on our assessment of your organization’s current and desired state.

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    Technology Selection & Implementation

    Get expert support for identifying, integrating, and configuring the right technologies and public cloud services for your needs.

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    DevSecOps Services

    Leverage Kudelski Security’s expertise and technology solutions to accelerate, simplify, and secure development processes.

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    Cost Management & Consumption Visibility

    Outsource management of invoicing, billing, and chargebacks to our team and monitor cloud consumption with our usage visibility software.

Unlock the Power of the Cloud, Securely

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    Reduced Risk

    Security leaders have a robust, business-aligned strategy for managing cloud risks.

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    Fewer Knowledge Gaps

    Access to certified cloud experts for guidance wherever you are on your business transformation journey.

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    Operational Efficiency

    A properly planned and carefully deployed cloud environment is simpler, cheaper, and safer to operate.

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    Usage Visibility and Control

    Continuous monitoring of cloud usage provides real-time visibility into cloud service costs and consumption.

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    End-Customer Confidence

    Cloud audits, assessments, and certifications, like CSA STAR or ISO 27001, boost end-customer confidence.

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    Data Privacy and Resiliency

    Privacy and business continuity management are integrated into the cloud security framework.

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