Cybersecurity Execution Support & Staffing

Fill resource gaps by using our extensive network of cyber talent and avoid frustrating recruiting delays that could leave your business exposed to greater risk. Find out more about Cybersecurity Execution Support.

Cyber Staffing Solved

From virtual CISOs to certified and qualified security architects, principals and hands-on engineers, outsourcing cybersecurity roles to our Execution Support service makes good business sense. Whether you need additional resources at strategic or technical level, our staff augmentation services can help you avoid hold ups in strengthening cybersecurity posture and driving your business forward.

Agility with On-Demand Expertise

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    Full Capabilities

    We provision cybersecurity staff for every role within the scope of a security program.

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    Seasoned and Certified Professionals

    We provide access to experienced and highly certified professionals with expertise in cybersecurity strategy and technology.

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    Fast Placements

    Because security is our core business, we can find and place staff faster than recruiting firms.

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    Targeted Support for CISOs

    Get a personally adapted CISO coaching program to help develop strategies for long-term success.

Right Resources at the Right Time

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    Seamless Progression

    Continue cybersecurity initiatives while searching for permanent staff.

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    Knowledge Transfer

    Grow the capabilities of internal staff as our experts support in-house development of skills and experience.

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    Efficient Use of Resources

    Ensure teams are scaled sensibly through the rapid recruitment of the right candidates for both short-term and permanent roles.

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    Agile Staffing

    Acquire unique skillsets and avoid the need to hire certain specialized resources full-time.

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    Engagement Planning

    Streamline engagements and ensure success with well-defined KPIs and milestones.

Hands-on Cyber Expertise When You Need it

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    Security Program Managers

    From initiation through to closeout, our Security Program Managers understand how talent, tools and technology work together for organizational effectiveness.

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    Security Project Managers

    Ready to join your staff on a temporary basis to carry out a specific cybersecurity project, our Security Project Managers adapt quickly to new working environments.

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    Virtual Chief Information Security Officers

    Our vCISOs draw on extensive knowledge and senior-level experience to direct and develop your information security programs and strategy.

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    CISO Coaching and Mentoring

    Sharpen your leadership skills through an innovative program inspired by the regimen of professional athletes and join the ranks of top-performing CISOs.

Want to learn strategies and approaches to have that executive presence?

Our executive leadership program is designed for the modern CISO and combines mentoring and coaching to bolster leadership skills, enhances strategic thinking and communication as well as enables CISOs to create effective security strategies.

Download the cyber executive research