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Incident Response and Cyber Resilience

The amount of sensitive personal and industry data stored and shared online is growing, incentivizing theft and manipulation of information. It’s becoming a cliché but true: It is no longer a question of if your systems will be compromised, but rather when. And more importantly, when the breach happens, how fast can you detect and mitigate the impact.

Sound incident response management and readiness plans are critical in limiting damage to your assets, should the worst occur.

Our cyber resilience advisors will provide you with all the tools you need to deliver rapid containment and risk mitigation during a breach. Crossing disciplines of cyber law, forensics, technology, privacy and cyber insurance, they can help you build a more offensive strategy against threats.

You will be able access to a range of cyber resilience programs, playbooks and methodology best practices. This support will allow you to create and implement incident and crisis response management that leverages people, processes and technology more effectively. For organizations seeking additional assurance, our managed security services teams are ready to engage with well-defined programs.

  • Cyber response readiness
  • Incident response & on-demand retainers
  • Compromise assessments
  • Tabletop & threat simulation



What does effective incident response look like?

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