Content Sharing Antipiracy

Content sharing is today’s greatest threat to the revenue of operators and content providers. Kudelski Security offers services that respond to different degrees of need. We combine media services with tailored cybersecurity solutions to improve your defense against online content sharing piracy and protect your reputation, consumer data and your bottom line.

  • Intelligence feed
    • Access to content sharing intelligence portal, powered by our global intelligence network
    • Real-time view of worldwide online piracy market trends and threat statuses
  • Monitoring and takedown
    • Reports on piracy, tailored to business context
    • Reports on latest piracy technology and legislative trends
    • Continuous online piracy content monitoring
    • Piracy disruption - detection and rapid take down of pirate services (DMCA)
  • Advanced professional services
    • Field, online and system intelligence and investigation
    • Global network delivering legal support
    • Forensic expertise to gather technical evidence
    • Custom takedowns, leveraging our 250 million devices deployed globally
    • Business risk assessment
    • Vulnerability identification and remediation plan –business support systems pentesting (video back end and service delivery platforms)
    • Vulnerability identification and remediation plan – customer on-premise asset pentesting (e.g. set top box, cable modems)

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