Key Sharing Antipiracy

Illegitimate service providers use key sharing to profit from the operator content distribution networks. For the last decade we have secured our customers services and nearly eradicated key sharing piracy both over the Internet and over satellite in North America, Latin America and Africa. Our customers benefit from an increase in demand of their services after deploying our anti-piracy services. Our unique technical countermeasures identify and suspend illegitimate services in advanced piracy contexts.

We offer a three-tiered solution, to meet different client needs, from information and takedowns to advanced professional services.

  • Intelligence report
    • An in-depth report on your exposure within your operating territories, powered by our global intelligence network
    • Actionable intelligence to support you in establishing which illegal activities impact you the most, and in prioritizing your lines of response. 
  • Takedowns
    • Technical countermeasures, leveraging our 250 million devices deployed globally
  • Advanced professional services
    • Field, online and system intelligence and investigation
    • Global network delivering legal support
    • Forensic expertise to gather technical evidence
    • Custom take downs, leveraging our 250 million devices deployed globally
    • Business risk assessment
    • Vulnerability identification and remediation plan –business support systems pentesting (video back end and service delivery platforms)
    • Vulnerability identification and remediation plan – customer on-premise asset pentesting (e.g. set top box, cable modems)

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