Managed Security

The question is not if or when security will be breached – it’s how quickly can you identify and mitigate a threat that’s already inside your organization. 
Kudelski Security has developed a new breed of Managed Security Service (MSS) that can reduce detection time from an average of 99 days, to just a few days or even hours in many cases. Powered by our Cyber Fusion Center (CFC), a next-generation SOC, our end-to-end solutions cover all phases of the cyber kill chain. We designed our MSS from the ground up with this advanced capability in mind. We selected technology and developed infrastructure and methodology based on the modern threat landscape, attacker tactics, techniques and procedures as well as the security needs generated by rapid IT business transformation. 
Our expert analysts take a non-linear approach to threat detection, imitating the ad-hoc way an attacker moves through a network. Leveraging disruptive monitoring, detection and analytics tools, the analysts reinject what they learn back through the chain, to strengthen their detective capabilities and interrupt activity at any stage of an attack.

Threat Intelligence and Monitoring

Organizations can struggle to collect, index, evaluate and process all the security intelligence data that is generated internally and gathered from external sources. Only when this is done effectively, however, is it possible to have meaningful, actionable intelligence that can reduce time to incident detection and remediation. Our Cyber Fusion Center-based Threat Intelligence and Monitoring Services allow organizations to bring context to data by injecting technical and literal intelligence into the analysis process. Exposure to cyber risks are reduced and security investments are optimized.

Breach Protection and Response

The modern threat landscape continues to evolve and effective threat detection and response requires technology and methodologies that keep up with changes. Delivered from our CFC, our Breach Detection and Response Services leverage cutting-edge tools from leading technology vendors to detect the most evasive and advanced threats that target organizations today. They provide us with pervasive visibility of malicious activity on the endpoint and an ability to confuse the attacker, enriching our detection capabilities along the entire cyber kill chain and enabling rapid threat containment.

Security Device Management and Support

Kudelski Security Cyber Fusion Center provides full technical support and managed services for selected security devices 24x7x365, freeing up your staff to focus on more strategic business priorities and projects.

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