Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service

Cybercriminals often target endpoints as they are typically one of the weakest links in any corporate cyber defense system. Managed Endpoint Detection enables businesses to quickly identify and mitigate endpoint attacks and ensure the safety of their assets. Find out more about our Managed Endpoint Detection.

Disrupting the Attack Kill Chain

Attackers focus on endpoints because they are so hard to fully protect. Managed Endpoint Detection and Response is a key part of our approach to disrupting the cyber kill chain. Security data collected by CrowdStrike and integrated with our CFC infrastructure is enriched with real-time threat intelligence and analyzed for signs of malicious activity. Potential threats are instantly directed to experts within our Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) Threat Analysis team who filter alerts, identify hostile incidents and prioritize containment and remediation. This significantly reduces the risk of damaging, long-lasting data breaches by detecting anomalies and disrupting adversary movements through the stages of an attack.

Superior Service

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    Dedicated Guidance and Support

    Our CFC expert analysts provide skills and knowledge transfer that extend your internal capabilities.

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    Proven Processes

    Our proven four-phase onboarding process ensures that technologies and data sources are properly aligned to deliver the scope and service you require.

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    Security Everywhere

    We offer global reach, multilingual support, and operations in the United States and Switzerland.

Up-to-the-Minute Intelligence

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    Expose Elusive Threats

    Detect threats that evade conventional security controls by leveraging unrivaled endpoint visibility, deep expertise, and our CFC threat hunting capabilities.

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    Reduce Time to Detection

    Our contextual intelligence, combined with Crowdstrike’s leading endpoint protection solution, automatically fuses information into the analytics process.

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    Accelerate Incident Response

    Direct access to impacted endpoints and in-depth forensics data enables faster responses.

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    Reduce Cost & Complexity

    Managed services reduce the cost of operations and ease the complexity of endpoint security.

Do you have full visibility into your endpoints?

As end users and their endpoints are the growing focus of advanced attacks, more than ever before, organizations need to get endpoint security right.

This Endpoint Reference Architecture is based on years of experience in delivering endpoint protection solutions. The paper outlines a wide range of endpoint security activity and related technologies.

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