Blockchain Cybersecurity

Our Blockchain Security Center (BSC) makes world-class cryptography expertise available to enterprise blockchain and DLT adopters, providing secure, straightforward and seamless blockchain and cybersecurity technology. Find out more about our Blockchain Security solutions.

Blockchain Security Center

Blockchain has the potential to facilitate secure, trustless relationships between entities, but the technology is not inherently secure. Specialists working in the Blockchain Security Center provide a full range of services and solutions to reduce technical and business friction in the practical application of blockchain innovation. At the BSC, some of the world’s foremost blockchain experts provide trusted, full-stack enterprise-grade solutions and consultancy services to facilitate every stage of blockchain security technology development — from inception, assessment, and design to implementation and training. Clients realize the business value of blockchain in a simple, secure, and scalable manner.

Innovation for Enterprises

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    Realize transformative initiatives and execute new business models.

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    Solve Complex Problems

    Holistic offerings are built on rich crypto and R&D expertise.

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    Select the Ideal Tools

    Our experienced practitioners provide guidance on blockchain hardware and software investments.

Simplified, Secure, Speedy

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    Simplify Development

    Build secure, scalable enterprise-grade solutions with our cryptography services.

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    Launch with Confidence

    We perform robust audits of the security architecture of applications, solutions, and platforms to identify weaknesses before launch.

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    Rapid Time to Market

    Reduced technical and business friction enable swift progress from proof of value to final product.

Full Stack Blockchain Development and Security

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    Security Audit, Assessment and Validation

    Our blockchain and cybersecurity experts apply rigorous proprietary tools and techniques to identify flaws in hardware and software-based blockchain solutions.

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    Security Architecture Review

    We conduct an external review of the security architecture of blockchain applications, solutions, and platforms and work with clients to improve security, availability and scalability.

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    Security Design and Implementation

    Our cryptography specialists make it easy for enterprise clients to build secure blockchain solutions by designing and building the necessary algorithms, hardware, cloud environment, and software.

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    Security Training

    BSC trainers provide developers with the tools and knowledge they need to build secure blockchain solutions.

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    Regulatory Sandboxes and Incubators

    We work with regulatory sandboxes and incubators to provide a comprehensive, pre-packaged security offering for governments and participants.

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    Custom Projects

    Integrations into existing IoT, manufacturing and supply-chain processes are essential to delivering trust. We have the necessary expertise across devices, data and communication to design and run innovative solutions.

Enterprise Blockchain Security Services

Reviewing your blockchain or digital ledger project with the same care as you would your PCI in-scope systems or your HIPAA audited privacy controls can ensure that your world changing idea survives scrutiny by your auditors, external auditors, and being placed on the public internet.

We’re here, and in the business of helping organizations design and deploy secure working blockchain applications.

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